Wall of Fame Submission


Plaque Information

Please provide the full name, including middle initial and any common nicknames (if applicable), for the individual who you wish to honour. The full name that you provide will be displayed on the plaque.

Donor Information

The following information is for museum staff purposes only and will not be displayed publicly.

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The Wall of Fame gallery is a display of rail workers of all streams from across the globe. Acting as both a fundraiser for the museum and a display of connections and pride in the employees of the rail sector, the Wall is made up of about 2000 plaques!

Plaques commemorating your family, friends, and heroes can be ordered online here or in our gift shop and will be added to the wall every month!

Person Eligible: Any person (living or deceased) who earned a living on the railroad.
Cost: A contribution of $100.00 (tax included) per name submitted provides a 2″ x 4″ brass plaque mounted on the Wall of Fame with the information provided by the donor.